Holistic Coaching Session & BEAUTYCOUNTER Sharing

Schedule a 90 minute Holistic wellness session with Annelise.

In this session you will work with Annelise to create a plan for your optimal wellness and learn about BEAUTYCOUNTER. Recommendations for your plan may include skincare routines, meditation, yoga, and other techniques. 


Why I Choose This


Intentional & Safer

I don't want to put harmful chemicals in or on my body. I want to be purposefully safer!

+Beautycounter bans 1800 chemicals--this is our Never List. You don't have to read the labels!

Trust & Credibility

I now use these products exclusively, and my skin looks rejuvenated and nourished! My routine starts with taking care of my skin and then I enhance my look with simple makeup by BEAUTYCOUNTER.  

+When you work with a consultant you get personalized recommendations based on your specific needs. Allow me to empower YOU to improve and simplify your routine, too.  

See Beauty & Wholeness

I choose to embrace the natural beauty and wisdom as I age. 

+Products include skincare, makeup, body care, sunscreen for women, men, and kids!

Speak up & Transform

I want to be part of contributing well with my voice and the movement of #betterbeauty. Being complacent and uninformed doesn't work for me anymore.

+The mission is to not only make better products but to lobby Congress to amend the laws and make all products and the production chain cleaner, safer, and more sustainable. 

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